Adjustable Mannequin Head Tripod H-5000

Adjustable height mannequin head tripod that features stabilizers on the bottom for extra support. ..

$82.95 $92.95


All Metal Manikin Head Holder

Adjustable height all metal manikin head holder...

$30.95 $34.95


Budget Manikin Head Tripod H-7000

Adjustable height manikin head tripod with lockable legs. Extends from 27" to 62-3/4". Metal clamp..

$84.95 $99.95


Charlize Blonde Hair Female Mannequin Head

Charlize all purpose female mannequin head. 20-22" blonde hair mannequin. Great for all processes...

$64.95 $79.95


Cosmetology Mannequin Head - Emily Junior

Unique junior size cosmetology mannequin head with 100% human hair.Save money with this reduced size..

$34.95 $44.95


Deluxe Adjustable Manikin Tripod H-8000

Adjustable height manikin tripod with lockable legs. Extends from 27" to 62-3/4". Metal clamps loc..

$119.95 $134.95


Deluxe Adjustable Manikin Tripod H-9002

Deluxe manikin tripod features 3 sturdy, lockable legs with rubber feet. Stabilizers at the bottom ..

$124.95 $139.95


Diane Isabel Premium Mannequin Head

The Diane Isabel Mannequin head is the perfect tool to help you practice color, perming, hair stylin..

$45.00 $65.95


Diane June Premium Mannequin Head

Diane June features top quality hair for accurate and vibrant color and bleach results. The mannequi..

$89.95 $119.95


Diane Nora Premium Mannequin Head

Nora by Diane mannequin head features top quality hair for accurate and vibrant color and bleach res..

$99.95 $114.95


Drew All-Purpose Female Mannequin Head

Drew all-purpose female mannequin head. 18-20" brown hair mannequin. 100% human hair. Fits standa..

$64.95 $74.95


Emily Virgin European Hair Mannequin Head

The only mannequin series in the world made with 100% virgin European hair. Professional mannequin h..

$66.95 $79.95


Emma Deluxe Hair Implantation Mannequin Head DMC001

Emma deluxe mannequin head by Diane.Deluxe implantation for more realistic cutting and styling resul..

$64.95 $74.95


Eva All-Purpose Mannequin Head

Top quality hair, all-purpose mannequin that's great for all hair processes. Eva all-purpose mann..

$79.95 $94.95


Frieda Curly Hair Mannequin Head

Frieda all-purpose curly hair mannequin head by Diane. 16-18" curly black hair mannequin. 100% hum..

$52.95 $64.95


Hairart 20" Hair Competition Shoulder Mannequin Head

Hair Length: 20" 100% human hair High hair density Real eyelashes Pierced ears Competition mann..

$198.95 $209.95


Hairart Bella Long Hair Mannequin Head

Hairart Bella long hair mannequin head High quality 100% human long hair Length: 24” longColor: Br..

$142.95 $159.95


Hairart Bianca 12" Platinum Blonde Human Hair Mannequin - 4938

Don’t waste time pre-lightening to practice the latest color techniquesLevel 12, pure platinum blond..

$74.95 $89.95

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