Hairart 20" Hair Competition Shoulder Mannequin Head

Hair Length: 20" 100% human hair High hair density Real eyelashes Competition mannequin fits st..

$198.95 $209.95


Hairart Competition 12 Shoulder Mannequin Head

Competition shoulder mannequin head. Real Eyelashes - Pierced Ears. High quality 100% human hair.L..

$74.95 $84.95

Hairart Competition 20 Shoulder Mannequin Head

Competition shoulder mannequin head. Real EyelashesHigh quality 100% human hair.Length: 20”.Color: ..


Hairart Natalia Signature Series Limited Edition Shoulder Manikin

Color: Blonde Level-10.Remy Hair: (Highest Quality Known)24" sleek & silky hair.Rubber head shou..



Hairart Reika Shoulder Mannequin

Shoulder mannequin. High quality 100% human hair.Pierced ears. Length: 16-17”.Fits standard si..

$82.95 $99.95


Hairart Tessa 24" Deluxe Elite Shoulder Mannequin

Tessa deluxe elite competition shoulder mannequin. Light brown, 24" hair length. 100% human hair. ..

$192.95 $224.95


Celebrity Felicia Shoulder Mannequin

Shoulder mannequin with 100% human hair. 17" – 19" brown hair with natural neck. Pierced ears.Fits s..

$66.95 $74.95

Celebrity Mannequin Head Shoulder

Gives a realistic feel while practicing hair styling and color techniques.Shoulders serve as a refer..



Celebrity Samantha Shoulder Manikin

Samantha Shoulder Manikin. 22" blonde hair manikin. 100% human hair with vinyl head and facial make..

$89.95 $109.95

Julia Bald Female Shoulder Display Mannequin Head w/ Eyelashes

Bald female mannequinWith shouldersEyelashes..


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