Tammie Hair Color Training Manikin Head

Hair Color Training Manikin. Color training manikin with four kinds of hair implanted in separate s..



Super Long Hair Braiding Mannequin Head

100% synthetic hair. Designed for hair cutting and braiding only. Not for coloring, chemical treat..

$49.95 $59.95


Student Mannequin Head - Ms Barbara Blonde

Student cosmetology mannequin head with high hair density. Perfect to be used for cosmetology s..

$93.95 $103.95


Selena Super Long Hair Manikin Head

Selena 100% human hair manikin head.Perfect for hair designs with forward styling. 28-30" dark brow..

$154.95 $192.95

Sara 100% Synthetic Long Hair Mannequin Head

26-28" blonde 100% synthetic hair.Great for cutting, roller sets, and braiding/extensions.Not for ch..



Sabrina Manikin Head

Sabrina Manikin Head. Perfect for hair designs with forward styling. 19-21" brown hair manikin. 1..

$69.95 $79.95


Ms Alexis Strawberry Blonde Manikin Head

Competition-ready manikin for training and educational purposes. Natural hair line and growth patte..

$164.95 $179.95


Marianna Ms Gemma Extra Dense Hair Manikin Head

Student cosmetology mannequin head with high hair density. Perfect to be used for cosmetology s..

$93.95 $103.95


Mannequin Head - Kelly Junior

Unique junior size mannequin head with 100% human hair.Save money with this reduced size mannequin h..

$42.95 $48.95

Jasmine Ethnic Manikin Head

Jade Manikin Head. 20-22" brown hair manikin. 100% virgin European hair. Unprocessed, naturally s..



Hairart Tessa 24" Deluxe Elite Shoulder Mannequin

Tessa deluxe elite competition shoulder mannequin. Light brown, 24" hair length. 100% human hair. ..

$192.95 $224.95


Hairart Stella 22" Deluxe Elite Mannequin Head

Stella 22" Deluxe Elite Mannequin Head. 22" hair length. Ideal for Cosmetology class. 100% human ..

$149.95 $189.95


Hairart Olivia 17" European Hair Mannequin Head - 4722

The only mannequin series in the world made with 100% European hair. Professional mannequin heads ar..

$99.95 $114.95


Hairart Competition 12 Shoulder Mannequin Head

Competition shoulder mannequin head. Real Eyelashes - Pierced Ears. High quality 100% human hair.L..

$74.95 $84.95


Hairart Bianca 17" Platinum Blonde Human Hair Mannequin - 4936

Don’t waste time pre-lightening to practice the latest color techniquesLevel 12, pure platinum blond..

$109.95 $132.95

Frieda Curly Hair Mannequin Head

Frieda all-purpose curly hair mannequin head by Diane. 16-18" curly black hair mannequin. 100% hum..


Dwayne Male Textured Human Hair Manikin Head

6"-8" brown 100% human hair that measures up to 10" in length when straightened. Male manikin with t..



Diane D315 Naomi Black Textured 100% Human Hair Mannequin Head

16-18" textured hair manikin.100% human brown hair. Dark complexionTextured hair great for relaxing..

$59.95 $66.95


Diane Color Training Manikin - D804-BL

Diane color training mannequin head.17"-19" blonde hair. Level 12 provides the perfect base for crea..

$55.95 $59.95

Diane Aiden with Textured Beard Manikin Head

Aiden Male Mannequin Head with textured beard. 100% human hair 16-18"Level 4 brown hair.Ideal for..



Celebrity Felicia Shoulder Mannequin

Shoulder mannequin with 100% human hair. 17" – 19" brown hair with natural neck. Pierced ears.Fits s..

$66.95 $74.95

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