Helen Female Manikin Head

Helen all purpose female manikin head. 18" brown hair manikin. Great for all processes. 100% huma..

$74.95 $84.95


Mannequin Head - Kelly Junior

Unique junior size mannequin head with 100% human hair.Save money with this reduced size mannequin h..

$42.95 $48.95

Marianna Ms. Chrissy 19" Platinum Blonde Manikin - 14127

Don’t waste time pre-lightening to practice the latest color techniquesLevel 12, pure platinum blond..



Ms Alexis Strawberry Blonde Manikin Head

Competition-ready manikin for training and educational purposes. Natural hair line and growth patte..

$164.95 $179.95


Ms Maria Hispanic Competition Manikin Head

Competition-ready manikin for training and educational purposes. Natural hair line and growth patte..

$154.95 $169.95

Nicki Child Cosmetology Mannequin Head - 100% Human Hair

Type: 100% Human HairFull Size Child Head: 9-1/2"H x 20" Diameter Length: 16"-18"Color: Golden Brow..



Penelope Human Hair Mannequin Head

Penelope all-purpose hair mannequin head. 18"-20" hair mannequin. 100% human hair. Fits standard ..

$67.95 $71.95


Practice Mannequin Head - Ms Grace

Mannequin head is 100% human hair.Great for school practice.22" – 24" hair length.Color level 9.Fits..

$79.95 $89.95


Roxy Color Training Mannequin Head

Hairart Roxy Color training mannequin. High quality 100% human hair.Length: 8”.Color: 5.Fits standa..

$49.95 $59.95


School Mannequin Head - Miss Anna Hispanic

May be used for school state board exams in most states.Hispanic skin tone and facial features.100% ..

$74.95 $84.95

Steve Male Mannequin Head

Steve Male Mannequin Head. High quality 100% human hair. Length: 8”.Fits standard size holders and..



Student Mannequin Head - Ms Barbara Blonde

Student cosmetology mannequin head with high hair density. Perfect to be used for cosmetology s..

$87.95 $99.95


Sue Beauty School Mannequin Head

Sue beauty school mannequin head. 18" hair length. Great for all processes. 100% human hair. Fit..

$76.95 $84.95


Alison Synthetic Hair Cutting Manikin Head

Alison mannequin head. Protein fiber synthetic hair. Designed for hair cutting and braiding only. ..

$45.95 $49.95

Annie Hairkins 4 Section Mannequin Head Carol

Hair Color Training Manikin. Color training manikin with four kinds of hair implanted in separate s..


Bald Female Child Manikin Doll Head

Perfect for hair pieces and wigs.Works with T-pins and Pearl Pins.The soft cushion skin allows pins ..


Bald Female Mannequin Head

20" female bald mannequin head with full makeup.Perfect for hair pieces and wigs. Works with T-pins ..



Bridgette Budget Manikin

Bridgette budget priced mannequin head. 16-17" brown hair manikin. 100% human hair with vinyl head..

$39.95 $46.95

Carlos Curly Bearded Manikin

6"-9" brown 100% human hair. Male manikin features a curly beard, a realistic tool tor practicing a ..



Catherine Auburn Hair Manikin Head

Catherine Manikin Head. Perfect for hair designs with forward styling. 24-26" auburn hair manikin...

$139.95 $155.95


Celebrity Alicia Ethnic Curly Hair Mannequin Head

Curly hair perfect for practicing all types of straightening. Once hair is straightened, it can also..

$64.95 $74.95

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